The California Carnival Company

Setting a New Standard of Excellence

The California Carnival believes the details make all the difference -- their attention to the little things makes your experience the best it can be. Since their founding in 1981, they have worked diligently to ensure that they provide communities the excitement of the carnival Rolling into Angels Camp with the security of knowing that the midway is a family affair. The carnival is where children make their fondest memories and where parents can be certain their children are safe.  California Carnival's progressive thinking is how they earned the 2010 Small Business of the Year Award given by the California State Assembly.  ​

At California Carnival their ride, game and food selections are designed to keep an entire family laughing playing and enjoying all the thrills and excitement of the carnival.

The arsenal of rides offers thrilling fun for all ages. Even if you aren't big enough to ride a certain ride by yourself, their "Focus on the Family" assures that most of the time a responsible adult ranging from your mom and dad, to your grandma and grandpa, can accompany you and will enjoy it too.

No carnival experience would be complete without the infamous family competition for who wins the largest stuffed animal. At California Carnival they take that very seriously. Their family oriented games of skill are sure to please; in fact, most have a winner every time and all are fun for the entire family.

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