Arena Committee

The Committee focuses on events that take place in the Arena.  They also work on repairs to the Arena. Their main focuses are Western Horse Events, the Junior Horse Show, the Saddle Queen competition and the Derby.


Tillie Mann is the Arena Director.


Other Members Include:

Ron Anderson

Jodie Brixey

Tim Folendorf

Jerri Mills

Darrin Mills

Chris Markus

Kelsey Sterrett

Steve Wooster

Sarah Roeder

MaryBeth Ospital


For additional information on the Arena committee or if you would like to participate, contact the Fairgrounds at 209-736-2561 or email laurie@frogtown

Maintenance Committee


The maintenance committee works with the part time staff on projects. This includes electrical and plumbing repairs.  They also assist by mowing lawns and doing repairs to the facility.  Tim Folendorf is the Chairman of this committee.


Other Members include:

Larry Diliberto

Sonny Canepa

Jessica Cassidy

Terry Parker

Steve Wooster

Darrin Mills


For more information on the Maintenance Committee, contact the Fairgrounds at    


The Marketing Committee


The Marketing Committee facilitates the ads, promotions and programming at the Calaveras County Fair.  The committee is chaired by Kathy Campbell. Other members include Talibah Al Rafiq, Gay Callan, Laurie Giannini and Sandie Lema. 

The Frog Jump Committee

facilitates our signature event, the frog jump.  Each year thousand of visitors flock to the fairgrounds to see our famous jumping Frogs.  Commitee members include:

Ron Dwelley

Shana Nash

Bob Lema

Sandie Lema

Amanda Sanchez

Donavan Hamanaka

Kathy Zancanella

Dave Gallagher

Jim Bailey

Laurie Gia


Junior Livestock Committee

Calaveras County Livestock Committee is an advisory committee to the 39th DAA Board of Directors and is a subcommittee of the Friends of the Calaveras County Fair. The committee manages the annual livestock show and auction in association with the 39th DAA and Friends of the Calaveras County Fair.  The 39th DAA is the legal entity and has authority over any issue as deemed in State Rules.  The CEO of the Association works closely with Chairperson of the Committee to ensure proper procedures are in place. The JLC meets 10 months of the year, the 4th Monday of the month.

  • Chairperson –Shawn Westberg

  • Vice Chairperson – Ole Gardina

  • Treasurer- Aldie Broglio

  • Secretary- Gina Nelson



Amelia Tower

Kyle Spence

Art Mills

Bill Eltringham

Steve Myers

Dennis Zielkhe

Sheryl Morris

Loraine Larson

Langley Martinez

Anna Jones

Clint Gleason

Carrie Phillips

Jason Weatherby

Kylee Truelock

Mary Payne

Kim Payne

Don Santella

AJ Rexelle

Mike Nelson

Linda Olson


Darrin Mills

Laurie Giannini

Scott Oneto


Vision 20/20

The Vision 20/20 committee, led by Director Bob Trinchero is the Association's long range - strategic planning committee.  The committee brings together stakeholders and community leaders to plan capital improvements at the Calaveras County Fairgrounds.  Through mutual vision, respect and conversation a three year,  long range plan has been developed.

Members Include:

Bob Trinchero - 39th DAA Director

Gay Callan - 39th DAA Director

Rob Miller - Friends of the Calaveras County Fair

Tim Folendorf - 39th DAA Board Liaison

Mario Hernandez - CalFire

Ron Dwelley - Calaveras County Fair Frog Jump Committee

Robert Moncada - Friends of the Calaveras County Fair

Nicki Stevens - Dignity Health Mark Twain Medical Center

Jack Garamendi - Calaveras County Supervisor

Stephen Kautz - President Ironstone Vineyards

Ole Gardina - Calaveras County Fair Junior Livestock Committee

Linda Olson - Calaveras County Junior Livestock Committee

Marybeth Ospital - California Waste Renewal Systems

Rick DiBasilio - Sheriff



Laurie Giannini - CEO

Toni Ann Fischer -Accounting Technician 

Christine Thom - Vendor Coordinator

Kasey Musachia - Exhibits Manager

Larry Diliberto - Maintenance Supervisor

Sonny Canepa - Maintenance

Donny Becker - Maintenance