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2022 Frog Jump Winners

1st Place - Old Papa Jumped 19'1/4".  He was Jockeyed by Nolan Moncrieff

2nd Place - Soggy Peso Jumped 17"91/4".  He was Jockeyed by Layne Heintz.

3rd Place - Nott the Brave Jumped 17'3/4".  He was Jockeyed by Dan Fisher

3rd Place - Frog Love Jumped 17' 3/4".  She was Jockeyed by Nicole Moncrief 

5th Place - Ed Hopper Jumped 17" 1/2".  He was Jockeyed by Lillian Fasano

6th Place - Rocket Frog Jumped 16' 103/4".  He was Jockeyed by Justin Fasano

6th Place - Triple Hop Jumped 16' 10 3/4".  He was Jockeyed by Miek Ziehlke

8th Place - Jumping Juice jumped 16' 10".  He was Jockeyed by Amanda Fasano.

Miss Calaveras - Paytin Curran 

1st Princess - Jillian Nord

2nd Princess - Brokklyn Galligan

Rodeo Queen - Morgan Fautt

1st Princess - Krysten Bradford

Calaveras Idol -Brgnja Moes

Primary Outstanding Livestock Exhibitor - Logan Bardwell

Middle Outstanding Livestock Exhibitor - Jack Brixey

Mina Periano Oustanding Exhibitor - Brenden Mendoza

Bob Trinchero Outstanding Livestock Exhibitor - Delaney Sullivan

The Doug Joses All Around Cowboy Award - Anne Dell'Orto

Amatuer Wine Best of Show - BJ Hansen

1st place blue winners rosette or badge to be awarded as a prize to the winner of a compet
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