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Friends of the Calaveras County Fair


If not us, who ? If not now, when”? President Ronald Reagan. This quote describes the Friends of the Calaveras County Fair.  In the fall of 2008, a group of Calaveras County residents decided to take action and form a foundation with the sole purpose to enhance, support and create additional community involvement and participation while maintaining the amazing history the Fair enjoys.  


Board of Directors

Firman Brown- Angels Camp 

Karen Harper- San Andreas

Raelyn Winkler - San Andreas, Treasurer

Rob Miller- Murphys 

Jerri Mills -Salt Springs Valley - 

Robert Moncada- Angels Camp - President

Jeff Hughes- Angels Camp - Vice President

Dona Querirolo - Murphys 

Jennifer Herndon - Angels Camp - Secretary

Sarah Oskey - Angels Camp - Secretary

The Cattlemen's Memorial Park

Pole Barn and Landscaping

The pole barn with be placed in the cattlemen’s park.  It will tie in the Ranch House, the meeting room and the park.  It can be a stand alone venue for weddings, reunions and other social gatherings.   The goal of the Friends of the Fair is to have the barn built by Fall 2019.  Like other FOF projects the barn will be built by volunteers. How can you help?  Donations can be made to Friends of the Calaveras County Fair.

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